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The biggest media outlets trust Leadership Connect to reach contacts at companies, Congress, government, and nonprofits

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Ivy League universities and other top institutions use Leadership Connect for career services, alumni outreach, research, and government affairs

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Half of the largest companies benefit from our services to win business and influence policy

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Our clients give us unique perspective as they principally seek to develop relationships with one another.

Whether it is a Senate office reaching out to S&P 500 government affairs team, or a technology company building demand with agency decision makers or a law firm creating thought leadership for think tanks, they all come to Leadership Connect to support their relationship building needs.

Clients Won 60% of Federal Tech Spending

“Leadership Connect is one of my first go-to resources when researching an individual or an organization. The Organizational Charts are invaluable for learning about a given agency. Not a day goes by that I do not use Leadership Connect.”

Chris McCloskeyGovernment Solutions Director, Dale Carnegie

“60% of the meetings I secured with the State Dept, all whitespace territory, were through Leadership Connect”

Client ExecutiveS&P 100 Tech Company

Government Affairs

Most of Congress uses Leadership Connect, and savvy lobbyists use the same service to reach them

“As a public policy professional doing business all over the globe, I could not live without Leadership Connect. It is an amazing resource for me in my work.”

Lee GodownPresident and CEO, Alpex International LLC

“I use Leadership Connect several times a week to find vital legislative contacts. The information is robust and always very current. Leadership Connect is very easy to use and has a Google-like simplicity.”

Ed VoigtChief, Public & Legislative Affairs - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Philadelphia District

“Staff is always changing on the Hill. Leadership Connect helps us easily identify, and connect with, current staff.”

Mellissa MolesworthFederal & PAC Relations, Aflac

“Leadership Connect is a service all policy professionals need to have. It literally makes our job a thousand times easier. The customer service is always responsive and willing take care of our needs immediately. Leadership Connect has been an invaluable resource as we navigate the ever-changing policy climate on Capitol Hill.”

Matias PerttulaAdvocacy Director - International Christian Concern

“Leadership Connect is indispensable! With the rate of change in Washington, it helps me get up to speed on new leaders, roles and committee assignments. ”

Donna BrazileFounder and Managing Director, Brazile & Associates

“Leadership Connect is the tool that ensures my clients and I can identify and reach key contacts – in Congress, the Administration, in industry both inside and outside the Beltway – when we need to. When I find gaps, the Leadership Connect team has always worked with me to fill them.”

Jason BriefelDirector of Government Affairs - Shaw Bransford & Roth P.C.

“As a government relations professional, I find Leadership Connect to be an invaluable resource. The Government Agency data is often the most up to date resource available and the organization charts are extremely useful. Additionally, Leadership Connect is a powerful business development solution. I turn to Leadership Connect when I need to know “who” and “how” to find a specific individual with responsibility in a particular area. It is also a great way to stay up to date when my contacts move to new positions.”

Daniel F. C. CrowleyPartner, K&L Gates

“This is literally my dream software.”

Director of Government Affairs, Am Law 50 Firm

Advisory Firms

Consultants in IT, Compliance, Sales, and More

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Management consultants rely on Leadership Connect for business development, influence, and relationship building

“There is no more reliable source for information about the organizations and people with whom we are trying to do business. Leadership Connect is an indispensable asset in any business development or policy advocacy endeavor.”

Robert SheaPrincipal, Grant Thornton Public Sector

“Leadership Connect has been instrumental to my ability to capture the org at State Department and generate $3.3M in NCVI in 2019. I use Leadership Connect to find prospects, their contact info, and understand their alignment and responsibilities. LC saves me time, improves my knowledge of the org, and reduces my prospecting error rate because the data is accurate and timely. Further, we have surveyed the market twice and found no other vendor offers a service that is even close in value.

An org chart found in Leadership Connect was more up to date than what was on the agency’s own website.”

Sales ExecTop 20 Advisory Firm

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Including Think Tanks, Charities, Foundations, and Higher Education

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The top 10 think tanks all rely on Leadership Connect

“Leadership Connect is a trusted, invaluable source of information for finding the right executive to connect with—not only in the corporate and philanthropic world, but also within the government.”

Miranda ProsdottiFoundation and Institutional Giving, Atlantic Council

“Our library prides itself on offering the highest quality, most up-to-date information for our researchers. Leadership Connect is simply the best in class.”

Cy BehrooziLibrary Director, Brookings Institution

“Leadership Connect made my life 1000 times easier when I was given 5 weeks to gather the COVID19 experts - we were able to get the best of the best and we had a successful event!”

Liza HamiltonProgram Officer and Forum Director, The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

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Communications & Crisis Management

Top PR Firms

75 of the top 100 PR firms contact journalists and producers through Leadership Connect

“Leadership Connect is an invaluable resource that I cannot live without. It is my bible for getting the job done for business, television, technology, and online clients.”

Renée EdelmanSenior Vice President & Media Strategist, Edelman