Following nomination by the President of the United States, the Senate Committee on the Judiciary holds a hearing for nominees before they can be confirmed. All appointments require Senate confirmation.

The nominations below were made during the 117th Congress. View profiles for judges and court staff in Leadership Connect.

Circuit Court of Appeals

NameTitleCircuit Court of AppealsNominated OnConfirmed onSworn In Date
Ketanij Brown JacksonCircuit JudgeDistrict of Columbia Circuit3/30/20216/14/20216/17/2021
Tiffany P. CunninghamCircuit JudgeFederal Circuit3/30/2021
Candace Jackson-AwikumiCircuit JudgeSeventh Circuit3/30/20216/24/20217/1/2021
Gustavo Gelpi Jr.Circuit JudgeFirst Circuit5/12/202110/18/2021
Eunice LeeCircuit JudgeSecond Circuit5/12/20218/9/20218/16/2021
Veronica RossmanCircuit JudgeTenth Circuit5/12/20219/21/20219/30/2021
Myrna PerezCircuit JudgeSecond Circuit6/15/202110/25/2021
Toby HeytensCircuit JudgeFourth Circuit6/30/2021
Jennifer SungCircuit JudgeNinth Circuit6/30/2021
Beth RobinsonCircuit JudgeSecond Circuit8/5/2021
Lucy KohCircuit JudgeNinth Circuit9/8/2021
Gabriel SanchezCircuit JudgeNinth Circuit9/8/2021
Holly A. ThomasCircuit JudgeNinth Circuit9/8/2021


District Courts

NameTitleDistrict CourtNominated onConfirmed onSworn In Date
Deborah BoardmanDistrict JudgeDistrict of Maryland3/30/20216/23/20217/1/2021
Lydia GriggsbyDistrict JudgeDistrict of Maryland3/30/20216/16/20217/20/2021
Julien NealsDistrict JudgeDistrict of New Jersey3/30/20216/8/20216/22/2021
Florence Y. PanDistrict JudgeDistrict of Columbia3/30/20219/23/20219/23/2021
Zahid N. QuraishiDistrict JudgeDistrict of New Jersey3/30/20216/11/20216/22/2021
Regina RodriguezDistrict JudgeDistrict of Colorado3/30/20216/8/20217/1/2021
Margaret StricklandDistrict JudgeDistrict of New Mexico3/30/20219/21/202110/22/2021
David EstudilloDistrict JudgeWestern District of Washington4/29/20219/14/202110/22/2021
Tana LinDistrict JudgeWestern District of Washington4/29/202110/21/2021
Christine O'HearnDistrict JudgeDistrict of New Jersey4/29/202110/19/2021
Angel KelleyDistrict JudgeDistrict of Massachusetts5/12/20219/14/20219/15/2021
Lauren J. KingDistrict JudgeWestern District of Washington5/12/202110/5/2021
Karen M. WilliamsDistrict JudgeDistrict of New Jersey5/12/2021
Sarah A.L. MerriamDistrict JudgeDistrict of Connecticut6/15/202110/7/202110/8/2021
Sarala V. NagalaDistrict JudgeDistrict of Connecticut6/15/2021
Omar A. WilliamsDistrict JudgeDistrict of Connecticut6/15/2021
Jia A. CobbDistrict JudgeDistrict of Columbia6/15/2021
Jane M. BeckeringDistrict JudgeWestern District of Michigan6/30/2021
Patricia Tolliver GilesDistrict JudgeEastern District of Virginia6/30/2021
Shalina D. KumarDistrict JudgeEastern District of Michigan6/30/2021
Michael S. NachmanoffDistrict JudgeEastern District of Virginia6/30/2021
Mary Katherine DimkeDistrict JudgeEastern District of Washington8/5/2021
Charlotte SweeneyDistrict JudgeDistrict of Colorado8/5/2021
Maame Ewusi-Mensah FrimpongDistrict JudgeCentral District of California9/8/2021
Katherine Marie MenendezDistrict JudgeDistrict of Minnesota9/8/2021
Jennifer L. ThurstonDistrict JudgeEastern District of California9/8/2021
David Herrera UriasDistrict JudgeDistrict of New Mexico9/8/2021
Hernan D. VeraDistrict JudgeCentral District of California9/8/2021
Bridget Meehan BrennanDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Ohio9/30/2021
Victoria Marie CalvertDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Georgia9/30/2021
John H. ChunDistrict JudgeWestern District of Washington9/30/2021
Samantha D. ElliottDistrict JudgeDistrict of New Hampshire9/30/2021
Charles Esque FlemingDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Ohio9/30/2021
Sarah Elisabeth GeraghtyDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Georgia9/30/2021
Dale E. HoDistrict JudgeSouthern District of New York9/30/2021
Linda LopezDistrict JudgeSouthern District of California9/30/2021
Jinsook OhtaDistrict JudgeSouthern District of California9/30/2021
David Augustin RuizDistrict JudgeNorthern District of Ohio9/30/2021


Courts of Limited Jurisdiction

NameTitleCourt of Limited JurisdictionNominated onConfirmed onSworn In Date
Armando BonillaJudgeCourt of Federal Claims6/30/2021
Carolyn LernerJudgeCourt of Federal Claims6/30/2021